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Estate & Legacy Planning

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As a parent or spouse, one way you show your love is by providing for your family. Estate planning and legacy planning are an expression of your care. They help you prepare right now to take care of your family after a life-changing event.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

Estate plans involve financial preparations for your assets and obligations:

 Making decisions about healthcare & end-of-life care

 Maximizing your social security benefits & Medicare coverage

 Planning for retirement income

 Educational Planning

 Creating wills & trusts

Our goal is to ensure your funds are used the way you want, regardless of what happens in your life or afterward.

Worry-Free Legacy Planning

Legacy financial planning deals with what happens to your assets following death. At COVA Wealth Group, we’re experts in all areas of estate and legacy planning:

 Custodial Roth IRA programs

 Wealth transfer strategies

 Charitable giving

 Long-term legacy planning for children & grandchildren

Good plans can reduce the anxiety that loved ones face by outlining steps to cover debts, minimize taxes and pass your assets to heirs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Friendly Assistance and Expert Guidance

It’s normal to feel nervous or have questions when making end-of-life decisions. Our caring, friendly team can make a huge difference. We patiently answer your questions and customize plans to your circumstances, needs and goals. Get assistance with estate planning and legacy planning right away.

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