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Generational Wealth Planning

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We Can Help You Create Strategies Toward Generational Wealth

Generational wealth is wealth that can benefit both you and your posterity. It is handed down in a family from one generation to the next. It may include a family business, cash, securities or real estate. According to the Federal Reserve, the average value of all generational wealth transfers is around $350 billion each year. For many households, generational wealth transfers make up the bulk of their wealth.

If you want to ensure your children, grandchildren, and generations after them don’t have to live in poverty, it’s wise to focus on how you’ll build wealth that can be passed down. We offer generational wealth planning services to help you achieve this goal.

How We Can Help You Work Toward Generational Wealth 

We offer various financial services that seek to help you build generational wealth. These services can help you take a multi-pronged approach to building up wealth that will benefit both you and your posterity. Every generational wealth strategy should involve the following: 

Investing wisely and creating multiple streams of income

Creating a legacy strategy with a will or living trust

Strategically building wealth with annuities, trusts and life insurance

We can help advise and guide you through these strategies so you can pursue generational wealth.

Schedule a Generational Wealth Planning Consultation

If you’re ready to work toward wealth that aims to keep you and your family comfortable for generations to come, we can help you get started. Contact COVA Wealth Group today to arrange a consultation.

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