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Portfolio Management

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Balancing Expectations

Portfolio management is about managing investments. However, for us, it is also about helping our clients understand how their choices now could affect their futures — and those of their families.

Emphasizing Realistic Expectations

Everyone wants to make a lot of money on investments without taking any risks. Part of our job as independent financial advisors is having meaningful conversations about:

Risk profiles

Market expectations

Personal goals

In addition to issuing our regular account performance statements, we like to have an extended talk annually with each of our wealth management clients. Of course, we also provide updates during important events.

Advanced and Personalized Portfolio Solutions

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your goals, risk tolerances, and preferences, we are ready to build and manage a comprehensive portfolio. Some of the financial instruments you might include would be:


REITs, mutual funds and ETFs

Bonds and treasury bills

Money-market accounts

It all depends on how long you intend to keep your money invested, how much access you need right away to your funds and various other concerns. We also offer advanced wealth management ideas, such as foundations and endowments for charitable giving, tax optimization and more.

We are looking forward to helping you pursue your financial goals. Please feel free to call (757) 216-1214 at any time to get started.

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